Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Homemade Chicken Stock

I really try and make as much stuff as possible at home. Not only do I not want to pay the grocery store price (I'm on a budget here people!) I hate all the added ingredients. I often make roast chicken (it's one of Jordan's absolute favorite meals) so when I do I just stick the carcus and extra meat in a ziplock bag and throw it in the freezer. When i'm running low on my last batch of chicken stock I will make more! It is super easy to make so here we go!
Left over chicken carcus (isn't that such a lovely word?)
Celery - I just used the root and the leaves
Carrots - dice into large chunks
Onions - skin and all cut in 1/2  
3 T Salt & Peppercorns
Green onions
Step 1:
Thow everything into a tall stockpot
Step 2:
Cover with water at least a few inches over the top of everything
Step 3:
Let simmer on the stovetop with the lid off for at least 3 hours
Step 4:
Clean out your fridge & freezer while waiting... this step is optional it's just what I did while I waited :)
Also make a chalkboard wall in your kitchen... it keeps your kids entertained!
Step 5:
Turn off stove and let cool just a little - Sorry no picture of this
Step 6:
Take a large bowl and use a large strainer to get all the big ingredients out of the way
Step 7:
Next I take a smaller strainer and pour the stock through this. If you have some cheesecloth that would be even better... but I was fresh out.
Step 8:
Divide up into individual baggies - I divide mine into 2 cup increments. Mark on the bags the quantity and the date that it was made
Step 9:
Lay flat in your freezer to freeze
Step 10:
Once frozen you can stack these up nicely in the door or lay flat stacked on a shelf in the freezer
Step 11:
Just pull out when needed and let thaw! Enjoy some wonderful homemade chicken stock! My batch made 10 cups of chicken stock!

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