Sunday, February 28, 2010

Smiling Boy

Jasper has been smiling and cooing more than ever these days! Here is a video of how dang cute he is!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crazy Last Week!

This past Tuesday I took Jasper in for another weight check at the Dr (his last appointment he had gained 4oz) so we expected more weight gain. However he hadn't gained any, but hadn't lost any. Dr. Melton told me she wanted us to head over to the hospital and stay a few nights so we could observe him and see why he wasn't gaining any weight! He also had a little cough and stuffy nose and they tested him and he also had RSV (respiratory infection). We stayed 3 nights at the hospital and the reason he wasn't gaining was his suction isn't strong and wasn't getting enough when he nursed. So what we have been doing is I have been pumping and then giving him what I pump and then supplement with as much formula as he wants. Dr. Melton said let him have as much anytime he wants! In the hospital we went in weighing 7lbs 14oz and when we left he was up to 8lbs 5oz! So hopefully we are on the right track to him gaining and become a very chubby baby! He has been sleeping so well and has been such a happy boy since we have been home! Here are a few pictures of my happy boy!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Great News!

Jasper had a doctors appointment this morning to re-check his weight and he gained 4oz! He is now back up to 7lbs 14oz! He gained an oz a day since Monday, so that is wonderful news! On top of that Jasper slept in his pack-n-play last night too! Which is great new also since he has been sleeping on my chest every night. We put him down around 11:30 and he slept until 4am! That makes for one happy momma! I really hope we are getting into a routine before I have to go back to work (which I am dreading). Not only because I am so scared I will be so sleep deprived I won't be able to function (I am use to getting a nap every single day!) also because my boss has been in a funk since I left, and mostly because I won't get to spend every minute with Jasper! Thanks to everyone for their prayers and sweet words of encouragement! I will keep you all posted!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Our little boy

This past week my sister Amanda and cousin Brittney came to visit. They helped me out so much! Doing the laundry, dishes, and helping me out in the middle of the night with Jasper. Thank you girls so much! Jordan was off today and Jasper had a doctor appointment to check his weight. The last 2 times I have been in his weight has been down, and he hasn't been gaining. Well today he was down again! :( He is now down to 7lbs 10oz, that's a whole pound down from his birth weight. The doctor now has me supplementing with formula after I nurse him. Needless to say I have been so sad for my little boy! I had seen a lactation consultant last week and thought things were going better, but I guess they aren't. I know this is just going to be a small bump in the road, but right now it just seems so hard. Please say a little prayer for Jasper to put on some weight, and for me not to be so discouraged. On the upside here are some latest pictures of the little guy!