Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pacifier Clip Tutorial

I didn't figure out how to make these until AFTER we got rid of Jasper's paci - but I enjoy making them for friends and can't wait to make some for baby #2 (not yet, but soon). 

Fusible Interfacing 
Coordination thread to match fabric
Ribbon that matches your fabric
Fabric Glue
Suspender clip (I buy mine in bulk from here UMX I use the CM1024- they are 1" - you can also find them in your local craft store)
Sewing Machine
Iron & Ironing board
Rotary Board & Rotary cutter (optional but highly recommended if your a horrible cutter like me)
Elastic or if you use a MAM paci you can buy these Mam adapter rings

Note: Please excuse my crafting iron board cover I need a new one badly. Also for my fingernails who don't even know what a manicure is these days...

 Step 1: 
Cut a strip of fabric that is 2 1/2 inches wide X 10 inches long (This will also depend of what kid of suspender clip you get. Mine have a 1" opening this is the size to fit that size opening)


Step 2:
Cut a strip of fusible Interfacing material (mine is just fusible on one side). I cut my strip smaller than my fabric so I cut the interfacing at  3/4 X 9 inches 


Step 3:
Next you are going iron the fabric in half long ways with the right sides of the fabric together 


Step 4:
Next place the interfacing in the middle of the fabric and iron down



Step 5:
Now you will start sewing. I sewed a zigzag stitch down both sides

Step 6:
Next I attach a large safety pin and work it through and turn the fabric right side out. Then I iron the fabric down nice and smooth and try and line the edges up 


Step 7:
Back to the sewing machine and sew a straight stitch down both sides on the edge of the fabric. This will get it a nice finished look

Step 8:
Take your suspender clip and slid it on to the end of your fabric. Fold the fabric backwards on itself I press mine, pin it, and then sew a large zigzag stitch across (Sorry my stitch is not straight! I'm by no means a perfect sewer)




Step 9:
Next cut a piece of ribbon and and piece of elastic (mine were around 4 inches). On the back side use a dot of fabric glue and fold the fabric down (make sure the way you fold the fabric is going the same way as you folded it on the opposite end)  


Step 10: 
Now take the piece of elastic and put a dot of fabric glue on top of that fold you just glued down and make a loop placing the 2 ends on the folded down edge. You will use the ribbon to hide this later on. 

Step 11: 
Take your piece of ribbon and place the edge of the ribbon to the edge of the fabric. Then wrap the ribbon all the way around the front of the fabric and loop it back around. Next you are going to fold the fabric back on itself. Once the ribbon is in place I press it with the iron really well - then pin it. 



Step 12:
Now I will sew all 4 edges of the ribbon around into a square pattern. 

Step 13:
You're all done! Clip on your baby and go!

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