Friday, October 21, 2011

Filing Cabinet Revamp

My mom came to visit a couple of weeks ago - and when she is here I take advantage of her as much as I can! We sewed, and sewed, and sewed! After she leaves it always makes me motivated to keep on with all my projects. We re-did the guestroom (and others)  on this trip and turned it into craft room/guestroom instead of home office/guestroom. I needed a place to keep all my files and extra craft items so I bought an old filing cabinet and decided to vamp it up a little!

Old filing cabinet on craigslist for $20

I spray painted the cabinet a nice cream color (2 cans of spray paint $8)

I removed the drawers and the hardware

Next I cut out a piece of fabric slightly larger than the face of the drawer (Fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby $4 a for a yard - didn't even use 1/2 a yard though so I will make a pillow out of the remaining fabric)

I didn't have any Modge Podge around the house so I made my own by mixing equal parts Elmer's glue and water (I put mine in a old water bottle I had and shook it up really well). Next I coated the front of the drawer face really well with the glue and laid the fabric on top smoothing it out so there were no air bubbles or creases. I used clothespins to hold the edges down (it didn't take it long to dry at all)

I know no one was going to see the back so I didn't do a perfect job but i did make sure to tuck the corners nice and neat. I reattached the old hardward because it wasn't in bad condition.

Finished product! I am so happy about how it turned out and for around $30! It goes really well with my new craft/sewing table I made (It's currently a mess so I did not include a picture - but will as soon as it gets cleared off)

Here are a few more project my mom and I worked on while she was here! Sorry I do not have tutorials on them!
Master bathroom curtain:

New fabric book "shelf" in Jasper's room - it's perfect for him to get the books out himself:

Guest bathroom curtains:


  1. Hello! I saw your filing cabinet on Pinterest. I had to come see how you had done yours. I am looking to "vamp" a cabinet myself. I just wasn't sure how to apply the fabric to the metal. Thanks for your great instructions. When I do my project, I'll be sure to link to your blog.

    1. Thanks for looking at my site! I hope it has helped.

  2. I found the file cabinet on Pintrest. Love it! Thanks for posting. I have an ooold military green file cabinet that I need to revamp.