Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fabric Key Chain

I love to make these and I think they are so great and handy! Here is my tutorial on how to make them. If you don't know how to sew or would like one please let me know and I can make one for you. Ok here we go!

What you will need:
Fabric of choice (matching thread)
Corresponding ribbon (machine thread)
Swivel Hook

Step 1 cut a strip of fabric that is 3inches wide and 15inches long.

Step 2 you will fold the fabric in 1/2 long ways with the pattern on the inside (so the back of the fabric is showing) then you will iron this so you will have a crisp line

Step 3 cut a strip of interfacing that is 1inch wide and 14inches long and then iron it on one side of the fabric

Step 4 Sew down on each side of the fabric (still will be inside out) I did a zig-zag stitch and I went over it twice

Step 5 turn your fabric right side out - I do this by attaching a large safety pin on one end of the fabric and working it's way up until the fabric is right side out

Step 6 Iron the fabric so it is nice and flat for you.

Step 7 You will take your Purse Swivel Hook (I found mine here: and you will slide this on your fabric

Step 8 Next you will loop the fabric into a circle and overlap the 2 raw edges and sew over the edges to connect the 2 sides (Once you have sewn this cut any excess off)

Step 9 Take the swivel hook and slide it down towards the edge where you just sewed and cut a piece of ribbon (about 3 inches long - you will be covering up that seem you just sewed with this fabric)

Step 10 You will wrap the ribbon around the seem (that connected the fabric together) and next you will tuck the 2 edges of the ribbon into the opening - then iron this so it will stay when you sew this on

Step 11 Sew on the edges of the ribbon (I just sewed the 2 edges - you could sew 4 so it would be in a square)

Step 12 Enjoy your new fabric key chain!

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