Friday, April 1, 2011

Making Pillows

Alright so I though that this blog could be a sewing for dummies, which I am - I usually have to call my Mom multiple times when making something to make sure I'm doing it right! So this is how you make a simple pillow.

What you will need:
Fabric (I got 3/4 a yard of each of the prints and 1 1/4 yards of the plain gray - I'm making a total of 4 pillows)
Measuring tape
Stuffing or batting
Sewing machine (You could sew by hand - but would take a long time)
Marking Pencil

How to:
I am the worlds worst cutter - I cannot cut a straight line to save my life! So here's a tip my mom gave me. Take the measuring tape and measure every couple of inches how long you want your pillow and mark with the the pencil. So I wanted my pillow to be about 17-18 inches so I marked 18 inches vertically and horizontally with my fabric pencil so it would make it nice and easy to connect the dots and cut a straight line

Next you will want to cut out your fabric(s)

Lay the 2 pieces of fabric so that the fabric side you want to show facing each other So one on top of the other - the pillow will be inside out when you sew it

Next you will sew a 1/2inch seem on 3 of the 4 sides

On the 4th side only sew about 1/2 way into the pillow - so you can leave room to stuff your pillow

Turn the pillow right side out

Stuff your pillow (I had old pillows that I ripped open and used the stuffing out of there) - be sure to stuff them very well in the corners

Next there are multiple things you can do to stitch the pillow closed
I hand stitched mine (It does take a while - and be sure to pin it first it will help - and this was my first time to hand stick - so it's not great)

You can also just use your sewing machine to close up the stitch (This will not give it a very finished look)
Also you could use Heat N' Bond - that iron on quick hem material (I don't know how secure this will make your pillow)

Finished Product! 4 Pillows only cost me $20 pretty good deal!

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  1. i have a quilting way to cut straight lines that you will love! it is fast and easy! you might even love cutting straight pieces of fabric:) give me a yell someday and come by (i have my supplies here.) and i can show it to you
    btw, the blog looks great:)