Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm not sure how familiar everyone is with Scensty but I wanted to take a moment and share it with you. I am so happy to be part of such a great company - who make such great products. Scentsy is a wickless candle system that can be used just about anywhere. I use it in my home EVERY day. 

I attended a Scentsy home party right after I found out I was pregnant with Jasper and had such a great time smelling all the different scents. After I left that party - and after buying a lot of Scentsy - I thought I can do that! I could sell that on the side! I didn't actually sign up to be a Scentsy Independent Consultant until this past October (I had a lot going on with a new baby). I couldn't be happier I did! 
It's such a great and easy way to make extra money every month. I haven't actually had too many home parties - but have had multiple basket parties. 

Here is the difference: a home party is when you have a party at your home and I come with my scentsy goodies and we have fun talking and smelling Scentsy! A basket party is when you take my Scentsy Basket with you for a week - just around with you - to work, or to the hair salon, anywhere you are going and have people check it out. You seriously don't even have to do much - the product sells itself. Being a host at either at a Home or a Basket party earns you SUPER rewards. For example, my mom had a Basket party last month - he party total order was $552 (I know it sounds like alot but she had less than 10 people buy from her party!) So this is what my mom got for being the hostess:

2 Full Size Warmers
1 Scentsy Buddy + 1 Scent Pack
3 Room Sprays
2 Travel tins
1 Scentsy Mid-Size System
(1 Mid-size warmer + 3 scents)
1 Fragrance Foam
1 Scent Circle
1 Mid Size Warmer 
6 Light Bulbs

Total product value $195 and she paid ONLY $54! She saved $141 for hosting this party. It is such a great deal! It is a great way to stock up on future Christmas/Birthday presents for friends and family as well. Here is what my Basket looks like - it's small and very easy to tote along with you. 

So here is how Scentsy works we have a Full size warmer, a mid size warmer, and a plug in warmer. They are all heated with a low voltage light bulb and a food-grade petroleum based wax. Only the scent is warmed out of the wax therefore no danger of chemicals being released into your home.

Then all the scents come in Scentsy Bars or a Scentsy Brick (you better really like the scent because this one is HUGE)

In the Scentsy Bar - It comes with 8 squares that you break off and put in your warmer. Each individual square will last you anywhere from 70-100 hours. You simply pop the old wax out and put a new square in after the scent is gone.

Other things Scentsy offers are Room Sprays (great for the bathroom), Scent Circles (most commonly used in your car), travel tins (good for a linen closet, a students locker, or a gym bag), fragrance foam (antibacterial hand foam that smell yummy), and also we have Scentsy Buddy's (a super soft plush animal that comes with a scent pack inside)

If you love candles you will LOVE scentsy - it is much safer than a candle and also kid friendly! I honestly wish I would of had waited and had a party instead of buying everything at the first party I ever went to. I could of got so much more bang for my buck! I was too excited though!

I have plenty of extra warmers and scents if anyone is ever wanting to try it out. You can borrow a warmer for a week - and just let me know how you like it! Like I said before but it is something I use in my home everyday and I love everything about it. Check out my website for the Spring/Summer catalog. Also, if anyone is interested in making some extra money every month let me know it is only $99 to get started - and a great company to work for! 

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