Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Wreath

I wanted a new wreath for my door for this Christmas because my old one needed to be retired. I saw this one on pinterest but saw no instructions for it so, I created my own.

Here is what you will need:

A straw wreath (leave plastic wrap on)
Yarn (I used white)
Felt (I used Red & Green)
Small jingle bells
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Needle and thread (thread needs to match the color of your felt)

Step 1:
Take your straw wreath and tie a knot and begin wrapping your entire wreath with the yarn. I found that wrapping the yarn really tight together works the best. (I'm really sorry but I have no pictures of this step!)

Step 2:
Depending on what type of flowers you want to put on your wreath make a cut out template of the shape you want. I wanted a Poinsettia look. Here are the patterns I used. The one in the top left is the pattern for the leaf and the rest are 3 different sizes of the petals I used.

Step 3:
Next trace around the stencil on to your piece of felt. I made 4 flowers for my wreath so I cut out 10 of the large petals, 18 medium petals, 6 small petals, and 4 leaves (this in the green felt).

Step 4:
Cut out all the petals and leaves (I made 2 sets of flowers - one for my sister's wreath so my hands were cramping by the time I got done cutting everything out). Now divide up all the different sizes of the petals into piles.

Step 6:
Place a small dot of hot glue in the middle of the bottom of the petal - then pinch the edges together (careful: hot glue gun might cause cursing and burnt fingertips). You will just glue and pinch together the medium and small sized petals (not the large petals or the leaves).

Step 7:
Next step you will thread your needle and I doubled my thread to make it more strong and tied a knot at the end. Next I took 6 petals (make sure they are all facing the correct way) and threaded them onto the needle. Now take your needle and you will loop it through down where the knot is so when you do this and pull it tight it will make all the petals pull together tight. I knotted this a few times and made sure all the petals were pulled really tight.

Step 8:
Now take 5 of the large petals and lay them down in the pattern you want. I laid out the pattern then would glue them after I got the pattern I wanted. I gently lifted the petals up one at a time put some glue down and laid it back down in the same spot.

Step 9:
Now take the petals that are sewed together and lay it down on the flat petals and find where it looks good. Now hot glue the entire flower on top of the larger flower.

Step 10:
I found these little jingle bells at Hobby Lobby and thought they would be great for the center of the flower. I squeezed out some hot glue on a paper plate and dipped the jingle bell in the glue then placed it in a triangle shape in the center of the petals (this covers up the imperfections too).

I made 2 of the double layered flowers and 2 of just the top flowers (the petals that were sewed together) so 4 flowers total.

Step 12:
Next take your wreath and see where you want to position your flowers and leaves. Once you have it in position hot glue them down.

I took a ribbon I already had and looped it around the wreath and tacked it in the top of my door. This whole project was less than $10 - but is pretty time consuming. But that is what crafting is all about right??

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