Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I've been looking everywhere to try and find a good ruffle tutorial! I don't know if I just wasn't looking in the right place or what but I went straight to the source: my sewing machine. I was determined to figure it out - so with some trial and error I finally got it. Here are 3 different type of ruffles I figured out how to make.

I used Muslin fabric & matching thread

Things to know!

#1 Set your sewing machine stitch to the longest straight stitch (as you can see mine is a #6)

#2 Set your tension on your sewing machine to the highest it will go (mine is 9)

#3 Don't back stitch

Ruffle #1 (Right down the middle)

First I cut my fabric into 3 inch strips

Place the fabric in and start sewing straight down the middle of your strip of fabric 


You will see when the fabric is coming out the back side it's already a ruffle! 



Ruffle #2 (Double Ruffle)

 On this ruffle I did the exact same thing as ruffle #1 but I moved the seam over to about a 1/4 inch and ran the stitch down one side - turned the fabric around and did the same thing on the opposite side 



Ruffle #3 (Edge Ruffle)
Run a straight stitch down one edge of the fabric 

(This ruffle would be great if you were making a skirt and layering the ruffles )

Here is what I used my ruffles for this time!


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  1. Oh Hannah- I LOVE this ruffled lampshade!! How cute!!