Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Really a Whole Year?!?

I cannot believe I have not blogged since last February! Since I am now an official full time stay at home mommy to my precious little boy - I hope to keep up more with my blogging.
So much has happened since I last blogged - but I will just skip to what all Jasper is up to these days. He's ALL OVER THE PLACE! He walks, he runs, he climbs, he eats dirt and rocks - he's all boy that's for sure. I am so thankful every single day that I am his mommy. Jasper is just now starting to teethe - he is currently working on his front 2 (E & F - dental people). Besides being extra clingy to me - such a happy little guy.
He definitely has his daddy wrapped around his finger. Jordan is such a wonderful daddy - and loves his little boy so much. Our very favorite thing to do every night is to go into his room and look at him sleeping. We are enjoying parenthood so much - and hope to get alot more family time in now that I will be at home. I am most looking forward to finding a Church home! Jordan will finally be able to take more Sundays off now - so we will be able to go to church as a family.
Here are some recent pictures of Jasper. I will also be trying a couple of new recipes tomorrow (Granola Bars & Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups) if they turn out good I will be sure to post!

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